Greg Malouf

I help people take a journey away from life as they know it and travel into the world of the 'Self,' which is where they will ultimately find healing. Along this journey, they will challenge old beliefs, access aspects of this 'Self' that have been hidden or denied, and gain insights and skills that will unlock the doors to a new inner wisdom. In 2009, I founded the Epsilon Healing Academy, working with students throughout the world. The Academy is my commitment to share my lessons on how to truly liberate the mind and body, live in the present with gratitude, consciously create life on your terms and finally experience the abundance you deserve! My latest book, “Silent: The Power of Silence” was written to take readers on an inward journey to find the all-loving place and connection to all that is—the silent connection to Self. Website: Facebook: Gregory Malouf Twitter: @gregorymalouf

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