Gwendoline Odeluga

Gwendoline Odeluga is a Yoga teacher, healer and Massage therapist. Born in London, England, Gwendoline has been practicing Yoga in its various forms for over 20 years. Her style of teaching is influenced by her professional training as a ballet and contemporary dancer and the dynamic form of Hatha Yoga associated with the Ashtanga method. Gwendoline met her true teacher; Sri Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas, “Guruji” in 2007 and the original form of Kriya Yoga (as taught by Sri Lahiri Mahasaya), is central to her way of life. She currently teaches Yoga and treats clients from Sidmouth, East Devon in the United Kingdom.  When she is not teaching, Gwendoline enjoys writing. She has written a Kindle e-book; “What Women Really, Really Want” a tongue-in-cheek guide for the modern gentleman seeking his Princess and she recently also began writing the first in a series of children’s books. Gwendoline also enjoys writing poetry and she is a singer and songwriter. Gwendoline spent a short time in Los Angeles in 2006, recording her musical demo and working with renown vocal coach to the stars; Lis Lewis. However the music has taken a backseat in recent years as she devotes most of her energy towards fulfilling her true dharma of teaching yoga and developing her work as a healer. A great lover of nature and the outdoors, she is the new owner of an allotment, something particular to Britain; these ‘gold dust’ like open spaces are available to the privileged few due to huge demand. She currently grows cabbages, roses and various herbs- the latter of which are made into special healing teas, available on her website. Gwendoline has also recently fallen deeply in love with dolphins and in future envisions that dolphin assisted therapy (in warmer parts of the world than England!) will feature in the range of treatments she offers.  Passionate about human rights, particularly those of women and children, Gwendoline also cherishes a long term goal of creating a healing program of Yoga and therapy for the women and children in the Congo. (She has blogged about this on her own site). Find out about Gwendoline’s Kriya Yoga Master Teacher “Guruj” Website: My Space: Gwendoline Odeluga

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