Jacquelyn Strickland

Jacquelyn has been a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) since 1993, and has worked exclusively with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) since 1999. She co-founded the HSP Gathering Retreats with Dr. Elaine Aron in 2000. Her background in Social Work, Women's Studies, Psychology, and a graduate degree in Counseling, has empowered and informed her work with highly sensitive people since first finding out about the trait in 1996. She been certified to utilize the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory since 1991. Her counseling and coaching practice combines therapeutic orientations, and coaching principles with a spiritual foundation. She is also a Level II EMDR therapist and has been trained in hypnotherapy, and has a small private practice which offers education, mentoring, coaching, counseling and psychotherapy to clients around the world. Jacquelyn has been married to a non-HSP introvert for 37 years and is the proud mother of two grown sons, one of whom is an HSP. You can sign up for her online newsletter, HSP Highlights & Insights by visiting her web site at www.lifeworkshelp.com and connect with her on Facebook. You may reach her at (970) 484-0840, or email jacquelyn@hspgatheringretreats.com.

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