Jeff Sutton

Health plays a pivotal role in Jeff’s life. Having worked with numerous health companies in the past few years, he recently decided to take it upon himself to start his own health news website. With the motivation to provide readers with only the best information regarding nutrition and natural health, he has brought his passion for quality to a new medium, the internet.Recently becoming a dedicated yogi, mindfulness yoga has earned a place in his daily routine. Centering the body and mind, allowing for improved focus while keeping him in tune with his body like never before. With an emphasis on the healing powers of glutathione, Jeff intends to share his knowledge with the greatest minds in medical science to help people overcome highly preventable diseases. With more and more medical professionals backing up the benefits of glutathione it is a very exciting time for his health news website which focuses on the body’s “master antioxidant”. Awareness is growing rapidly, which has earned glutathione coverage on the Dr. Oz show, and has been touted by some of the medical community’s biggest names, like Dr. Mercola and Dr. Hyman. Website: Twitter: @GlutathionePRO

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