Jennifer Maagendans

Jennifer Maagendans is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and environmentalist. She is the director and founder of Centre Luna Yoga in Old Montreal. Practicing yoga since 1996, Jennifer has a background in gymnastics, and holds a degree in Environmental Studies from Concordia University. She is a certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher. Her teaching emphasizes inner peace and happiness, as well as a strong connection to the earth. She is a passionate nature lover, gardener and vegetarian. She is co-leader of the annual Luna Yoga Teacher Training program. In 2008, Jennifer released her first instructional DVD, Yoga Flo for Peace and followed it up in 2010 with Yoga Flo for the Earth. In addition to leading workshops and yoga retreats in Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica, she teaches at her studio Centre Luna Yoga in Old Montreal. Enjoy Jennifer's insights on life as a modern yogini & vegetarian at The Relaxed Vegan.   Website: Centre Luna Yoga   Blog: The Relaxed Vegan Facebook: Jennifer Maagendans Twitter: @jennmaagendans YouTube CentreLunaYoga       Questions and Answers with Jennifer Maagendans   1.       What does Yoga mean to you? Yoga means union, connection. For me, it's all practices that remind you of your connection with all beings, all energies, and especially Mother Earth. Anything that brings you to that state of 'peace' is Yoga.    2.       What impact has Yoga had on your life? Yoga has had a huge impact of my life...  I teach yoga, own a yoga studio, and most of all, love practicing Yoga. It keeps me healthy both physically and mentally, and I enjoy sharing it with others.   3.       In what ways does Yoga help you off the mat? Yoga keeps me grounded, centered and more focused. It helps me remain present and all round happier.   4.       What do you recommend for people who are brand new to Yoga? I recommend trying out different styles and teachers until you figure out what you like. Stay open-minded... you never know what you'll like until you try.   5.       What Yoga tips can you share with people? Breathe. The breath is everything. You can get through any yoga practice (and anything) if you just focus on keeping a slow even breath.   6.       What drew you to teach the particular style(s) of Yoga that you teach now? I love Jivamukti! It's an active, challenging physical practice, that integrates philosophy, spirituality, music and environmentalism... perfect combo.

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