Jeremy Poore

Always a student of human interactions, communication and motivation, Jeremy began his professional life as an Anthropologist studying, working and playing alongside the Indigenous Quichua of Ecuador’s Amazon Basin. His work there focused on sustainable agriculture, ecotourism, micro-enterprise and alternative/integrative medicine. From developing communication tools for many communities along the Napo River to assisting the integration of western medicine with shamanism, Jeremy dug in and found that by working with people you can learn a lot more than by observing from a distance. That same philosophy led Jeremy into the fields of wilderness therapy and adolescent development where he spent more than a decade helping at-risk youth find healthy ways to live, love and work. While working in wilderness therapy, Jeremy attended the Circle of the Heart School of Wholeness with Michael Young of Asheville, North Carolina. Michael’s school was designed to help it’s students find wholeness through an intense introspective journey using the tools of shamanism, Kabbalah, energy healing, song, movement, tai chi, qigong, sweat lodge and vision quest. After graduating, Jeremy taught at the school and ran an energy healing practice focused on healing long-term illness, body image and finding one’s life path. Seasons change and today you can find Jeremy leading organization change and transformation as an executive for a Boulder, Colorado software company. The skills and tools are universally essential and useful no matter what you do in this life. This exciting journey presents the gift of living in the amazing Rocky Mountains, connection to the healing community of Boulder and the chance to prove holistic approaches in the business world.

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