Jodi Chapman

Jodi Chapman is a registered and fully qualified Naturopath, with a degree in Health Science and has been in practice since early 2006. Also qualified in Neurotherapy, Nutritional Medicine, Medical Herbalism, Anti-Aging Therapy, Biomesotherapy, Kinesiology, Homoeopathy, Dorn Spinal Therapy, Remedial Massage, and Electro Interstitial Body Scanning. Her passion for health and wellness began early in life, now living a lifestyle just as she teaches and this is reflected in her communications with each and every patient entering her clinic. Jodi's clinic 'Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre' offers a broad spectrum of treatments ranging from traditional therapies, right through to modern nutritional medicine based on the most advanced scientific research. Having continued her education through post-graduate diplomas, countless seminars and conferences each year to keep the most up to date research and treatments available to her clients, she strongly believes that learning new approaches, and following current scientific research allows her to offer a more thorough treatment with longer lasting life improvements for all of her clients. At any stage of her development, she has employed various coaches to inspire and guide her throughout her life in achieving her goals. Jodi currently has a fitness and triathlon coach, a professional mentor, and a business coach. Jodi encourages each of her clients to utilise the help of these types of people to guide and inspire them to achieve their dreams. Her passion for health and happiness will always be her main focus for her family, raising two beautiful, happy and healthy teenage daughters, Amber and Brooke.

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