John Easterling

Founder of the Amazon Herb Company, John Easterling is an eco-entrepreneur and visionary leader. Through his work, Easterling shares a powerful vision of using eco-commerce as the solution for better health, rainforest sustainability and wealth generation. Also known as Amazon John, Easterling has always had a passion for discovering lost treasures and secrets. Early in life, Easterling was diagnosed with hepatitis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which resulted in a near death experience and chronic fatigue. While working on the Ucayali River, the locals offered him herbal remedies. In only 10 days, his health was amazingly restored and Easterling knew he had found his calling. His experiences have been profiled on TV, radio and in print publications around the globe. He speaks on behalf of the Amazon rainforest and how visionary entrepreneurs are creating a new era of health and prosperity.

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