Joy Kilpatrick

First exposed to Eastern studies and physical methods by her father, Joy Kilpatrick is a fitness practitioner and educator of movement. Kilpatrick?s father, a Marine and sage teacher of Isshinryu karate, introduced Joy to the extraordinary vigor of yoga from an early age. Since then, Kilpatrick has dedicated her life to leading others on the road approaching wholeness. With a love of knowledge, Joy Kilpatrick finished her primary yoga teacher training with Mark Blanchard in 1998 in Studio City, California. In 2000, she became a Thai yoga massage practitioner. Three years later, she achieved her advanced Thai yoga training under the famed schooling of Saul David Raye at the White Lotus Foundation in California. She humbly bows in immeasurable appreciation for the instructions of all of these transformative paths. A certified personal trainer for nearly two decades, Joy Kilpatrick has provided specialized instruction to seniors, pre and post-natal clients, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, performers, and celebrities in Los Angeles. A successful and awarded dancer, singer, TV and film actress, Kilpatrick promptly turned to the theater of Durango, Colorado?s original, untouched attraction to help her be a mindful parent and companion.

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