Julian Walker

Julian Walker is the founder of YogaTeacherGradSchool.com and has been teaching yoga in Los Angeles since 1994. He is passionate about using yoga, meditation, poetry, dance and mind-body psychology to create powerful shifts in his community of students. He leads retreats twice a year to Ojai and has taught workshops in Canada, New York, Florida and at the Esalen Institue in Big Sur, Ca. Julian co-teaches the Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind Yoga Teacher Training every year with Hala Khouri, and is the founder of Yoga Teacher Grad School, a resource to support new and established teachers in developing more skills to find success and live their dreams. He authored the book Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind available on Amazon.com as well as an audio program on Chakra Yoga available for download on his website. Website: www.julianwalkeryoga.com Facebook: Julian Marc Walker Twitter: @embodiedsacred YouTube: Julian Walker

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