Kai Greenway

Kai Greenway has had her “knowingness” from a very early age. Directed to become a nurse, she received her nursing license shortly before her 21st birthday. Due to the nursing areas in which she worked, Kai became very familiar with dying, death and NDEs. The experiences in her life have consistently contributed to her 40+ years as a healer. Kai also holds a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition. Always the Healer, Kai assimilates and communicates information learned through all sources for the purpose of contributing to the improvement, growth, health, and empowerment of the individual: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her further experience as a mentor, counselor, and teacher adds to aiding one’s personal growth process with a supportive voice. A perpetual student of metaphysics, Kai augments her education, experience and gifts of channel, seer, energy healing, and intuitive counselor with her knowledge of Thoth Tarot, the Lenormand Oracle, Numerology, the I Ching, Spirit Animal Guidance and connection with the natural world. Kai has been writing a weekly article, Ponder This, for [www.Kryschendo.com](http://www.Kryschendo.com) since September 2014. The goal of Kai’s writing is to promote the consideration of ideas which reminds us all that our journey is not usually a direct path, but a “crooked road” that must be travelled in order to enhance our life and soul’s experience. Kai is currently hosting a radio show, The Long Road, on 12radio.com. A road being a metaphor for living your life opens up dialogue into all the tributaries of living. Life is a long road filled with twists and turns, detours, awe-inspiring views, potholes, informational sites and the exhilaration of the open road. You can become lost, go sightseeing, work at removing an obstruction, or find your way to your next destination. This concept allows the radio show to explore any subject merging with our life’s journey. This allows Kai, as host, to share useful information, mind expanding ideas, and knowledge from all areas that touches life’s journey. This is meant to spur the minds and hearts of the listeners and open themselves up to progress along their own ‘roads’ from where they are now to where they are going next in their lives. On her Facebook page Kai posts her Monthly Animal Guidance. This gives readers guiding words from a particular Spirit Animal urging the reader to incorporate the animal’s inherent qualities and habits into their own lives for better navigation through the coming month.

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