Karla Heintz

Karla Heintz, BSc, is recognized as a nutrition expert by many television and radio stations. Her life is committed to finding better answers in all aspects of health and uses this information in her daily teachings. Karla was raised on a farm and always understood why nature truly is the best medicine for so many things. As a Gymnastics Coach for 9 years, she always had a passion for wellness and sports which took her to the University of Saskatchewan where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition. From then on she has worked with countless athletes striving for their next win, and people with a desire to better their bodies as well as their kitchen cupboards. She has been a writer and monthly guest for numerous health publications and television/radio networks across Canada since 2005. She too is a former radio columnist on \'Children\'s Health\', and presently is an active speaker and consultant to businesses, families and athletes. With her experience of working with families on improving wellness, and getting the apron dirty in the kitchen directing a food camp for children, she was inspired to write her first book, \'Picky? Not Me, Mom!\'. Karla is a strong believer in your body being only as good as how you care for it. This inspires her daily on helping others find better solutions in our \'busy\' society .

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