Karla Tafra

My name is Karla Tafra and I am a yoga teacher from Croatia, now living in Malaga, Spain. I first encountered yoga due to having back problems over ten years ago, and have continued practicing ever since. My love towards yoga pushed me to become a teacher, so I finished my RYT200 at Gaia Yoga School in Croatia. I love sharing my experience with others, seeing progress in my students and discovering everyday how much I can affect others, and how much I can improve myself. I have experience in both practicing and teaching all styles of yoga, but most of my practice revolves around Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha and Prenatal yoga. Having taught in lot of different yoga studios, gyms and individual private classes, I must say that the individual classes are the ones I love most because of the approach and devotion I can give to each person. Twitter: @KarlaTafra Instagram: @karlatafra

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