Kate Pippos

My name is Kate. Mother. Lover. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Yoga Instructor. Wordsmith. Creator. I live in Sydney with my ever evolving young family and enjoy finding inspiration in the whisperings of the sea wind that wind their way through my mind daily.  My mission in life is to find inner peace and radiate this as well as wisdom and compassion, so that I can be an inspiration to my children and help build an even more beautiful world. I love travel and running. They both give me a sense of freedom I’ve never been able to find stuck inside 4 walls. I love riding scooters in exotic countries, of which Greece, Indonesia and India are some of my favourites. Wherever I go, as much as I can, I attempt to plant seeds of love and acceptance so that I may find the flowers of these blossom around me throughout my life. My journey with yoga basically goes as follows: It is a love at first sight story. I fell in love with yoga asana when I went to my very first class in 2001. I still remember my teacher, her soft voice and gentle way of introducing yoga to my life. Soon enough, I found the real challenge presented in other facets of my life. As I began to still my mind I realised that I was doing the opposite – I would lie in Savasana and feel my whole head spinning. I couldn’t connect with the colours of the chakras and I couldn’t find physical stillness let alone mental stillness! This permeated my entire life and brought me face to face with my fears, weaknesses, strengths and dreams. Admittedly, it has been easier to practice at some times more than others but I find inspiration in experimenting with different styles and teachers. My dedication to daily practice continues to provide me with a solid platform from which I continue to teach. It is one of my greatest wishes that yoga is accessible to every human on the planet. I love that I am able to share the joy for a practice that has brought awareness, courage and peace of mind to both my life and the lives of those I teach. I believe that the transformative powers of yoga are innately potent and ultimately healing. I adore that I ‘work’ barefoot. Best job in the world. Website: www.lovespirityoga.com

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