Kelli Prieur

Kelli Prieur is a mother, a teacher, a writer and a retreat facilitator. She runs her business, Kelli’s HeartGlow Yoga Retreats, internationally as well as locally, throughout Australia. Kelli has spent the last two years welcoming in her deepest and most profound teacher yet, her daughter, little Miss Ayanna Raine Desenberg. The past 24 months have brimmed and boiled with love, overflowed with growth and have torn at the seams with challenges. There have been endless opportunities for growth and expansion, for faith and surrender, for finding softness and for finding strength. It’s been a life-changing, eye-opening, awe-inspiring experience, so she’s been writing about it; about life, about what she’s practicing, what she’s loving and loathing, what’s breaking her down and carrying her though. She writes about all the splendor and the simplicity. Just life. And a lot of it on her blog. Kelli teaches yoga classes as offerings and reminders that you can be happy, and feel full, and satisfied, and light. You can find her classes packed full of gems of shiny challenges and pearls of deep breathing and dramatic transformation. Monday nights and Wednesday mornings at Preshana Yoga in Sydney, Australia; and at a Soul Steps event she and her partner, DJ Kid Kenobi, collaborate on, creating a three hour musically- infused journey into the heart, through deep twists, deep heart-openers, and deep forward folds; or at one of her Heart Glow Yoga Retreats. Mothering. Practicing. Offering. Breathing. Teaching. Learning. Hopefully with you! Website: Facebook: Kelli's HeartGlow Yoga Retreats Blog: Heart Glow

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