Kirsten Strohecker

Using exercise as her stress reliever and confidence booster, Kirsten Strohecker grew up dancing, using her mother?s Firm videos in her living room when she had time. Strohecker never like ?aerobics? because, as a dancer, the movements seemed rigid and silly. But the Firm was different. Working out with weights made her feel empowered. Today, Strohecker is a ?Firm Certified? Master teacher as well as ACE and AFAA certified. Teaching Firm classes since 1996, Kirsten Strohecker decided to pursue becoming a full time Firm teacher trainer in 2002, leaving her job as a Spanish teacher with all the fun perks of student trips to Spain. Now, Strohecker uses exercise as her reward as well as a way to educate, interact, and have fun. She believes in leaving vanity behind and making active changes to change your life for the better. Success Story Alison came to Kirsten Strohecker at 300 pounds. Through regular sessions at The Firm Studio and a healthy diet, she lost 75 pounds in about 9 months. She was a student of drama at the university and Strohecker?s real joy in working with her came when she attended a play in which she starred. Alison and her parents thanked Strohecker for the help she had given and Alison explained that she would never have been able to do the role - a very active one - had she not been in such good shape from working out.

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