Krista Novakowski

Krista is a lioness who lives her life devoted to revealing the Divine Mystery. She made her first journey to India in 1996 and at this time she was touched so deeply by her experiences that she began to understand how truly precious this gift of human life is Shortly after this she began her studies in Yoga and Meditation in her homeland of Canada .In 2002 she began a three year study of Integrated Energy Healing at Langara College which was a fascinating program offering an in-depth foundation in the study of energy and consciousness. She is thankful for these studies as this time offered her a lot of grounding and helped her to develop a vast understanding of energy. In 2006 she returned to India and then to Thailand where she spent the next 5 years studying Tantric Yoga and teaching as well. She was blessed to find an outstanding Yoga program which seemed to be just what she was looking for to begin the mastery of her own energies. She completed a 24 month Hatha and Kundalini Yoga program and then continued with her studies of Kashmir Shaivism. The time spent at Agama Yoga in Thailand was incredible as it truly supported her yogic needs. Krista believes that in Yoga we are each individual laboratory’s and we really need to honor the techniques that are transmitted to us and give them the time and practice they deserve to understand how they are truly working on us eventually discovering which techniques are most beneficial for our personal sadhana. She is grateful for the time and instruction in these years to go deeply into the practice. During her time at the school she spent some years teaching hatha yoga as well as running the weekly Shakti Groups which are a tantric training group for women. The teachings help women to awaken to their true feminine nature and embrace the Goddess. We have been living in a time on the planet where the Goddess is being reinstated and Krista feels great joy to develop this work with her sisters. During these years she was also organizing the rituals for the school as this has always been a significant part of her path. She created a Rites of Passage Ceremony for Women that she still holds annually and it continues to awaken such joy and peace in her heart. In 2007 she began to experience Hridaya Meditation retreats which have remained an essential part of her practice. These are the teachings of the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart which have inspired her to walk the path of love in this life. In 2011 she completed a 500hr Hridaya Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training with her teacher Sahajananda. She cherishes this practice as it brings her into greater intimacy with her own being. She is now residing in Vancouver  where she co-runs a branch of Agama Yoga as well she  holds Tantra workshops, Shakti groups, Hridaya Silent Meditation retreats, holds various Tantric Rituals and teaches Kamala Yoga for Shakti’s. She is so thankful to share the teachings that have been most transformational in her life and are still the core of her current sadhana. Krista chooses to spend as much time as she can in India with the masters .She feels so blessed that she is able to continue returning to India and to receive the teachings of such great beings and whenever she can sit near to the great mother Ganga and let her sweet whispers caress her heart. She is happy to consecrate her life to the revelation of the Divine, to dedicate her energies to the awakening of the Divine feminine and to continue to walk the path of the heart. Website: Facebook: Agama Yoga Vancouver

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