Leah Graw

I found yoga after going through a very challenging time in my life, it became my way of grounding myself and staying focused among the uncertainty of everyday life. The energy and clarity I receive from my practice is indescribably amazing. Yoga has offered me the opportunity to get to know myself on a much deeper level than I ever thought was possible or even knew existed. I have been practicing regularly for over four years now and am excited to have earned my RYT200 in April 2014 at Enlight Yoga Studio with a variety of wonderful teachers. One of my goals in life is to guide and support others on their own yogic journey, and to lead a healthy lifestyle and have the best possible relationship with themselves and others. I believe in leading a healthy lifestyle by making healthy food choices and exercising often. I also love building meaningful relationships and sharing experiences with others. When I'm not doing yoga you'll find me with the people in life I love, experimenting in the kitchen, travelling or exploring the mountains. Website: www.leahgrawyoga.com Facebook: Leah Graw Instagram: leahgraw Pinterest: Leah Graw 

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