Lee Ann Manley

Lee Ann Manley is nationally and internationally awarded for her skills as a public speaker by Princess Caroline of Monaco, Dame Helen Hayes and Robin Williams. She received her Feng Shui training with some of the most powerful specialists in the field including Dr. Larry Sang, Kartar Diamond and Heluo Roel Hill. Lee received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts graduating summa cum laude. She has expanded her holistic view of treating buildings and land to include the studies of para-geology, astronomy, physics, Jyotish and earth magnetics – specifically studying their predictable, cyclical influences on the human body, mind, spirit and productivity. With 18 years of providing full-service professional Feng Shui consultations, Lee is a dynamic part of the growing international movement dedicated to dispelling the many myths and misconceptions about authentic Feng Shui. Visit her website at Living Space Feng Shui.

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