Lidija Martinovic

  Lidija Martinovic is a KRI internationally certified yoga and meditation teacher and founder of The Yoga Wheel Turning. She is teaching kids, adults and elders in established centres in Vancouver, British Columbia. Besides Kundalini Yoga, Lidija teaches classical hatha, restorative and yoga Nidra. She has studied the human body through the modern experiential anatomy approach and tensegrity structure. Encouraging a psycho- somatic re sourcing, Lidija mindfully bridges a mental, physical and energetic paradigm. In her teachings she encourages continuous pausing, bringing the emphasis on the space where we make our authentic inquiries. This allows one to be and explore rather than do yoga. The space itself creates the vehicle which, stirred up with the equanimity of the mind and compassioned heart, ultimately leads to a world of peace and integration. As a Vajrayana and insight meditation (vipassana) practitioner, Lidija holds mindfulness and courage as an essential aspect of her teachings in yoga.

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