Lindsey Little

Hello! My name is Lindsey Little and I am passionate about helping people look and feel their best. I like to work with people who are movers and shakers in their industry - entrepreneurs, community activists, corporate crusaders - and empower them to make better choices. Choices that will lead them to boundless energy, unshakable confidence, and increased productivity like never before. My mission is to teach people how to be the best version of themselves, so that they can go out and share their unique gifts with the world. I do not believe in diets, guilt, self-blame, or deprivation. Rather, I show people how small lifestyle improvements can have a profound impact on their lives. A healthy makeover can be a pleasurable one. I emphasize adding in good things, rather than focusing on removing the “bad.” Personally, I am vegan and gluten-free, however, I firmly believe in bio-individuality. What is right for one person may or may not be right for someone else. It is my job to work with each client on an individual basis to help them understand what their body needs for optimal performance. I love experimenting in the kitchen. From vegan cheeses and raw crackers, to flavorful soups and gluten-free biscuits, there is nothing I won’t try in the kitchen! Sharing the recipes and techniques that I have learned along the way brings me great joy. I want to show people that cooking can be simple, fun, healthy, and delicious all at the same time. I present workshops on a variety of topics, perform cooking demonstrations, and do individual and group coaching programs. You can learn more about me, my education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and the work that I do on my website. I would love to hear from you! Please contact me to schedule your complimentary health consultation.  Website: Facebook: Have Less Be More  Twitter: @havelessbemore

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