Lisa St. Hill

Lisa St. Hill embodies this new era of the new forty". As a mother of a 23 and 3 year old, she knows the successes and struggles of trying to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle for the mind, body and spirit. Which is probably why she is often asked to show I.D. when she orders her indulgent vice of a Skinny-girl margarita! Her ambition to be better has her set to do a half marathon this summer with her husband who is an accomplished Triathlete. Her family origins are shared with international singing sensation Rihanna, from the beautiful island of Barbados. She has many fond memories growing up in Brooklyn, New York throughout the eighties with her two older brothers who competitively both excelled academically and in professional baseball. As a kid she was known as the fastest runner and the class artist, so she’s not surprised that later in life the goals she set for herself came back to fitness, design and theater. Lisa modeled on television, and her son is now getting started in the modeling industry; but now with a greater purpose, to have fun as a family and to help other moms get inspired. Lisa was known throughout her young life as the artist and dancer in the family, and expected to achieve great success in the arts being from a family of high achievers, led by her loving mother Carmen. She pursued her love of the arts by competing in a local talent pageant and later becoming a choreographer for the same NYC radio station's WBLS talented teen pageant; then moving on to choreograph for up and coming vocal artists in Brooklyn. She had the opportunity to intern at DKNY when the fashion house began its dominance in fashion in 1992; learning the rules of the fashion game. Cut to today, where Lisa has parlayed what she has learned to create her own brand and identity. “I’ve had several starts and stops throughout my life all while raising a son, and now the lesson I’ve learned is to never fear or doubt your ability. It is the compass to get through life successfully, just trust it.” Currently as a vinyasa/prenatal yoga instructor and fashion designer, Lisa fulfills her mission of helping moms like herself become empowered by discovering the joy of taking care of their bodies for themselves, and their newborns, through her product "My Goddess Wrap" and the ZenGirl brand. Website: Twitter: @mygoddesswrap

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