Liv Hilde

After her heart spoke to her in a dream 10 years ago demanding that she move from it?s wisdom, Liv Hilde began her journey into yoga. Today, she teaches a playful, powerful class with ever-changing choreography and challenge. Using her heart-centered perspective and encouraging nature, Hilde inspires her students to move from a place of loving empowerment. In each class, she demonstrates that to move and breathe deeply is truly an act of loving; to align is to courageously stand in the light and transmute it's brilliance. Before she found yoga, Liv Hilde was living in the stratosphere of her upper chakras, however, her heart yearned for deep roots and unity. When she first stepped foot on the mat, she knew she had found her peace - there was nothing more powerful, potent, and pure than experiencing all parts of the body by moving the breath of awareness through every cell and layer. She had found the home and grounding her heart desired - it was just a matter of trusting her instinct. Liv Hilde truly believes in every single movement and every single breath is a chance to create more exquisite space and live more fully. Through drawing inwards we can tap into our highest source, shine more brightly, and inspire others to rise. For Hilde, yoga practice is an evolution and she encourages her students to step into their light while enjoying the beauty along the way. Inspirations: Authenticity, wisdom, laughter, love, passion, creation, rainy mornings, starry skies, Chilean literature, social action, intelligent speculation, philosophy, farmer's markets and biodiversity, intuition and destined coalescences, the duplicity of light and the abundance of space and time, dance, music, flight, bioluminescent beings and creatures that can thrive anywhere, calmness in the face of tumult, kindness, compassion for all beings, my beautiful daughter Emma Rose, my love Shamus, my mom.

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