Mark Husson

Mark Husson is an explorer of life and the systems within it. As a therapist he explored the systems of psychology that were on the outside of the conventional standards at the time. NLP, Gestalt and The Enneagram were among the early techniques that he embraced to excavate the beautiful particles within us that make us unique. He discovered the depth of astrology in Graduate school when he realized it was a secret key that could easily unlock the wisdom within us. This three time Hay House author was invited to host one of their most successful radio shows The Power Peek hour where taking the fear out of astrology was his primary theme. The success of his book "LoveScopes- What astrology knows about you and the people you love" allowed him to pursue his goal of taking the fear out of the preconceived ideas that people held about the intuitive arts. This led to the birth of his 12Family of websites (pronounced One-Two). is the first psychic hotline of its kind where the Advisors regularly meet by phone to give and receive training and support. The phone lines have attracted some of the largest names in the entertainment industry and even bigger, the unknown names who just want someone to see them and help them feel less alone. where the voices of the 12Listen advisors can be heard and their talents showcased. where the Advisors teach by phone. Recognized for his smiling voice Mark continues to spread astrological words of hope on his weekly radio show, The Mark Husson Show which airs each Tuesday Morning on

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