Matt Gluck

Matt Gluck started Yoga when he was five, learning the techniques of pranayama, relaxation and meditation from his mother, in order to deal with asthma and allergies. He became dedicated many years later, when life provided the insight of the role that Yoga plays in helping us be ourselves, rather than the mask that society has conditioned us to mistake ourselves for. Matt is a British Wheel of Yoga and Life Centre qualified teacher. He has been teaching Raja (Hatha) Yoga full time for fourteen years and Chinese Martial Arts, (Shaolin, Tai Ji and Qi Gong), for twenty three. He mentors yoga teachers in training and writes a monthly column for Yoga Magazine (Yoga and Illness). He teaches in class, 121's and offers workshops and retreats with his partner Dorna Djenab. "Most of our free time is given to sharing and discovering the yogic way together, helping each other on a day by day and moment by moment basis". Matt now shares a gentle, yet intense practice with a focus on present moment awareness, the innate Joy of the Self, breath and relaxation. These synergists facilitate deep insight in to the nature of being, life and our role within it. Matt works with people from all walks and stages of life, who come to Yoga for 'all different sorts of the same reasons'. He plays with the classical asanas (postures), mudras (gestures) and bandhas (locks)of Hatha Yoga, using Krama (Sequencing), to support a simple and clear mirror through which we cultivate awareness. His philosophy is largely based upon Advaita Vedanta and Taoism. He understands that despite all the apparent differences that we see around us, everything derives its beingness from one source. He allows people the space they need in order to see themselves from within. He teaches pranayama, kriyas, meditation and yoga nidra. He also works with Tai Ji and Qi Gong, chanting, dancing, laughter, massage and other means of Self Enquiry. All of these wonderful methods remind us to find our way by looking inward; to see that Space that has always existed before and beyond any story or construct of the mind. Yoga is a way rather than a practice; it is a view of and alignment with the soul. Matt incorporates 'methods' from Taoist and Buddhist practices as well as Kundalini, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga. Truly, these are all just names and forms ~ there is only one Yoga; the YOGA OF LOVE'. This is the sole/soul reason that we continue to dance this dance. Matt promotes safe and simple practice, with the effect of stilling the mind through a natural withdrawal of the senses and understanding of the ego. He is flexible in approach, technique, mind and word. The bodymind intelligence always tells the truth. Teachers and students are for inspiring each other; Shiva and Shakti dance. The truth is seeing our reflection in the appearances that surround us. We realise that yoga emanates from within and that there is nothing to learn from 'out there' that is not already present 'in here'. We all remember yoga, as it reveals itself to us from the centre. Yoga is the art of listening, letting go and undoing. All questions dissolve in the knowledge of the Self.

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