Matt Kapinus

Certified to teach power Vinyasa in 2007, Matt Kapinus has not stopped since. Kapinus? classes are known for being challenging and creative. Since he is very playful, and has a strong focus on deep internal presence and self-compassion, many local students have become fond of his teaching style and spiritual approach to asana and meditation. While he now resides in Boulder, Colorado and works diligently teaching classes at Yogi Pod, he was born in Hyattsville, Maryland. In 2009, Matt Kapinus decided to quit his job in order to become a better yogi and teacher. Previously, Matt has worked with and apprenticed with Elysabeth Williamson, a local Partner Yoga pioneer, for over two years. "Stepping into the role of yoga teacher has been perhaps the most challenging, and yet fulfilling move I have ever made in my life. I cannot imagine doing anything else. Watching the transformation in people, the breakthrough moments, the tearful releases, the post-savasana elation- I feel deeply blessed to have found my calling. Each day offers an opportunity to see something new in myself, to feel something new, and I feel the universe gently prodding me along to go deeper, to keep growing and evolving so that I can serve from a place of even greater fullness and presence."

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