Melinda Cohen

For a long time I defined myself with one word: ACTRESS. That was my ultimate goal in life. To make movies. So I did. I not only acted in film and TV, but also wrote, produced and directed vivaciously for many years. Until one day I asked myself: WHY? Why am I telling this story? What do I want to say? What does this world NEED? More than anything? How can my contribution alleviate the suffering that spreads like wildfire through our beautiful world? For a while I really didn't know how to answer that question. I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of 'making a difference.' So I began to ask questions. Who am I -- REALLY? What is my purpose? And most importantly: How can I bring every action I take - in my art, my craft and my daily life - into authentic alignment with that purpose - once I find it? Asking these questions launched me on a path of self discovery which resulted in the decision to start a rebellion. Now you must understand - this is a rebellion fueled by love, not hate. By compassion, not anger. By understanding, not ignorance. You see, sometimes the compassionate thing, the loving thing is to stand up and say: We won't tolerate a world in which all this beauty goes unseen any longer. Here's a secret that will change your world. The real rebellion starts within. If you want to find out more, visit my life coaching website, and film production website at I'm currently recruiting. Twitter Instagram

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