Micheline Berry

Known for her warm and empowering nature, Micheline Berry’s work catalyzes healing and transformation through a cohesive fusion of vinyasa flow yoga, world beat music, somatic movement, fine arts & meditation in urban shala and exotic nature alike. Her Liquid Asana™ vinyasa yoga classes integrate fluidity with asana structure, flow with dynamic stillness, strength with deep release, spontaneous creativity with intellectual tapas.As a pioneer in the art of integrating live world music with traditional yoga sadhana here in the U.S., Micheline’s work is often accompanied by a live dj or world music ensemble. Her yoga classes and workshops are akin to an urban ritual experience designed to ignite and deepen the flow of shakti prana – the vibrant creative energy that exists as active and/or latent potential within all life. You will come away from this practice feeling empowered, deeply rejuvenated and creatively inspired on and off the mat.In addition to her ongoing somatic dance and yoga innovations, Micheline’s Liquid Asana™ Vinyasa Yoga is informed by Prana Flow™, Forrest™, Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga systems as well as years of study of Tibetan Buddhism, Jungian & Lacanian Psychoanalysis & Continuum Somatic Dance. She is the Founder of Zen Dancing™, the Creative Director/Co-Founder of the world music ensembles Shaman’s Dream and Red Musette and has produced and facilitated over 500 world ritual concerts, dance performances and multi-media events since 1997. Based at Exhale in Venice, CA, Micheline leads Liquid Asana™ certified teacher trainings, yoga workshops, and Yoga+Art retreats internationally, including her 2nd home Brazil.  Website: http://www.michelineberry.com/ Facebook: Micheline Berry Twitter: @michelineberry

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