Michelle Rebecca

  Michelle is a writer, blogger, and freelancer who currently resides in Mechanicsburg, Pa. After attending college in Pittsburgh, she worked a large variety of jobs before finally realizing that writing is her true passion. She also enjoys social media, and is constantly fascinated by how social media brings people together and allows connections worldwide – connections that used to be impossible. Throughout her writing career, Michelle has written and blogged about almost every topic under the sun, and loves constantly learning about new subjects and industries while she’s writing. Her interest in Yoga first began after witnessing its ability to heal the physical, mental, and emotional problems in patients at the 12 Palms addiction rehab center, where she used to volunteer. After living a relatively unhealthy lifestyle, Michelle is now trying to incorporate the Yogic lifestyle into every aspect of her life. In addition to yoga, she enjoys exploring nature trails and hiking with her dogs in her spare time. She’s a firm believer in balance, and tries to balance her technology-filled work life with an unplugged, nature-focused life outside of work.  Website: Social We Love Twitter: @Mich_Rebecca  

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