Molly Mitchell-Hardt

Molly Mithell-Hardt is the owner and founder of Hamna Shida Yoga and a co-founder of a meditation movement called APSARA. She has had the opportunity to share her passion of yoga and meditation in many different and unique places including Panama with Kalu Yala, Utah with Summit, New York City, Connecticut, and all the way up the Coast of California with APSARA. She looks forward to many more adventures and opportunities to share what she has dedicated her life to-self awareness and personal growth through mindfulness, self study, and healing. Find Molly in Instagram at hamnashidayoga. Molly's yogic journey took her to India where she completed 300 hours of training with Swami Santhiprasad and then later 125 hours with Annie Carpenter back in Venice, CA. She learned the ancient theories behind Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga, but most importantly, how to live a meditative, yogic lifestyle. Her goal is to carry the torch, exemplifying this way of life through her practice each and every day.

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