Myra Nicks

“Simple solutions for sustainable self” is the phrase I’ve been using recently to express how I focus my intention and attention. These words encapsulate where I am at currently in my personal journey and what I intend to contribute in my connections with others. Writing is my main craft and I use it as a tool to explore both internal and external realities. I was eight years old when I received my first journal and started writing. My dual passions have always been writing and spirituality.  I have practiced my craft in over 100 personal journals, in university as I studied for my journalism degree and wrote a regular spirituality column in the student newspaper, in my role as a web content specialist for the Alberta Motor Association travel website and in my personal spiritual journey as a tool for internal transformation. Other passions that fuel my life are yoga, dance, music, and cooking up amazing adventures in food and drink for the people I love.  Yoga and dance have assisted me in moving through many mental, physical and emotional challenges over the past fifteen years. I have experimented with many styles of yoga and have found that I connect most deeply with kundalini and yin. When it comes to dance, I simply enjoy exploring the movement my body naturally wants to create! Music-wise, I have had the pleasure of witnessing Edmonton’s music scene become vibrant over the past ten years.  A wide variety of shows - heavy metal, classical, punk, reggae, and more – have inspired me throughout the past few years. My latest adventures in nutrition have been in crafting delicious herbal teas and creating smoothies that both nourish and energize me. I delight in creating spontaneous parties for friends, throwing together “a little bit of this and a little bit of that” in the kitchen - reveling in the smiles my efforts bring. The values that run through my life are a commitment to building and nurturing healthy relationships, a strong desire to create clear communication channels, and a passion for creating environments where people are sustained in ways that work best for them. These values drive my desire to excel at building connections that support innovative ways of thinking which in turn lead to creative solutions. Website: Blog: Twitter: @MyraNicks

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