Natasha Rizopoulos

As a former ballet dancer, Natasha knew she had come home when she discovered Yoga in her 20s.  That moment of recognition and delight continues to inspire her teaching to this day. Now a Senior Teacher with YogaWorks and Down Under Yoga, and a writer, teacher, and DVD instructor for Yoga Journal, Natasha is known world-wide for her ability to communicate the essence of sophisticated postures and ideas in ways that have a transformative effect upon one’s understanding of Yoga. A dedicated Ashtanga practitioner for many years, she is equally captivated by the precision of the Iyengar system.  These two traditions inform her teaching, creating a dynamic and rigorous blend of intelligently sequenced and aligned Vinyasa Flow. Questions and Answers with Natasha Rizopoulos   What does yoga mean to you?  Yoga is the both the practice and the state of knowing one's true self.   What impact has yoga had on your life? It has given me a roadmap for conscious living   In what ways does yoga help you off the mat?  It helps me distinguish between chatter and truth.   What do you recommend for people who are brand new to yoga? Keep coming back!  And find a great beginner teacher so you can establish a strong foundation.    What yoga tips can you share with people?  Wash and dry your new yoga mat so it becomes sticky!!!   What drew you to teach the particular style(s) of yoga that you teach now?  I teach and practice an alignment-based method because precision in postures engages and protects the physical body while focusing and quieting the mind

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