Nathalie Boulanger

I have always been passionate about natural health. I taught fitness classes and learned about nutrition during my law degree. I studied herbalism and started a yoga practice during my Masters degree in environmental sciences. I also worked for a research group that studied the interactions between health and environment.  Working in the environmental field, I came upon many things that appalled me. I was against pesticides and GMO’s, against Monsanto and the other multinational corporations that were polluting mother Earth. I felt small and powerless in my desire to change the world. One day I realized that changing the world was within my reach: I could be the change I wanted to see in the world and inspire the people around me. I could grow organic vegetables using heirloom varieties and raise my own heritage breed chickens. I could make compost and make more things from scratch to reduce the amount garbage that suffocates our planet. If I could inspire at least a few persons to do the same, and if each person inspired a few more, we would create change without having to fight.  Since then, I have known the joys and challenges of becoming a mother. As I gave myself to my children, I learned an important lesson: I have to fill myself up before I can give to others. Otherwise, I only give and become empty. I used to think that taking time for myself was selfish. Now I realize that I am a better mother when I take time to nourish myself, explore my passions, quiet my mind and connect with my heart. Dance, yoga, meditation, whole foods, movement, nature and gardening are my favourite ways of feeding my inner light. They fill me with love until the love overflows: I can give but I never become empty. I write about wellness because it allows me to be creative and follow my passion. I write with the hope that I can inspire others to radiate their brightest light. I use a holistic approach to wellness while keeping in mind that positive habits have a better chance  of sticking if we go one step at the time and if we have fun! The road to Blissful Wellness is full of delights and joy. Get ready to glow with health as you embark on this journey! Website: Facebook: Blissful Wellness

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