Neil Mark

Neil was first introduced to yoga asanas in 1999 when he was invited by a friend to an all girls class that resulted in one of his most humbling life experiences to date. Coming from a very athletic background and playing on as many sports teams his mother could drive him to made the initial stages of the physical asanas rather challenging. With being only able to touch his knee caps and having the core strength of a wet noodle there was so much room for opening and strength in the body and mind. His first teacher was blessed a well versed knowledge of all the limbs of Ashtanga yoga. This helped him to cultivate discipline and patience. A catalyst on Neil's path was an evergreen tree he collided with while snowboarding resulting in broken bones, metal rods, muscle grafts and deeper understanding patience and humility. One month after getting off his crutches he enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training on Salt Spring Island under the teachings of Baba Hari Dass. Since achieving his certification he has studied with teachers like Nancy Gilgoff, Dharma Mitra, Mark Whitwell, Rodney Yee, Ron Reid and Jennifer Pritchard of The Yoga Shala in Victoria.

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