Nicole Aracki

Nicole has been interested in spirituality for as long as she can remember. Some of her earliest memories include out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams and deep realizations. She felt that early on she was able to see meaningful symbolism in everyday life, and always took such matters seriously.  In her early 20's she began practicing Wicca and earned her First and Second Degrees in the Usui System of Reiki. It was shortly after that when she discovered the practices of yoga in Squamish, BC with Michelle Park. Nicole has now been practicing yoga for 12 years, and knew that teaching was the right path for her when she realized that it was the one interest that she had held for more than a decade. Through many personal and emotional transitions, the practices of yoga remained a constant companion. When the opportunity arose in 2011 to become a yoga teacher, the only thing she could say was "Yes!" Fate intervened and brought Nicole to Yandara Yoga Institute in Todos Santos, Baja Mexico. Attending the teacher training was a life changing experience, and is one that Nicole says she will never forget. Having the time to dedicate solely to the practices of yoga was the gift of a lifetime. The silence that permeated her days there, was a gift that she feels she could never express enough gratitude for, but can only repay by paying it forward through teaching. Nicole loves teaching yoga to everyone, but is discovering that her style leans more towards the relaxation and inner work of yoga. She adores teaching to children and seniors. Nicole is an avid runner and especially loves trail running. She has had the great opportunity to offer running and yoga clinics, in collaboration with a local ultra marathoner in Quesnel, BC, where she currently resides. Website: Facebook: Atman Yoga With Nicole Aracki

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