Patty Javier Gomez

Patty Javier Gomez has a love and passion for cooking and nutrition that is both contagious and inspiring. She received her designation as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver, B.C.; Patty brings to each of her clients firsthand knowledge on overcoming dietary restrictions, after being diagnosed with celiac disease she has acquired key insights into the challenges of eating gluten free while not sacrificing taste; making just about any kind of meal possible. Patty has been working at a naturopathic clinic since 2007, learning about the effects of diet, lifestyle and frame of mind on the body's overall wellbeing. While she could be considered a Vancouverite, Patty was born in the Dominican Republic, and continues to utilize many of the same flavors she grew up with, adopting them to fit a healthy diet. Patty specializes in working with each client's desire for their best health possible; nutrition becomes exciting and approachable for all ages, as well as affordable for anyone who desires a lifestyle change. Whether suffering from allergies, intolerances or disease, Patty works to bring fun and excitement, along with her extraordinary culinary repertoire, to an ever expanding variety of menu plans, cooking classes, and recipes. Patty is one of the co-founders and sits on the board of the Holistic Nutritionists of BC, a non -profit group dedicated to educating the public about food and nutrition, and bringing awareness on all issues concerning healthy whole foods. Patty currently offers cooking classes in the convenience of your home, menu planning and grocery tours; helping you understand labels and foreign ingredients that you didn’t even know existed. She also offers group and corporate talks, and workshops that offer practical advice, and instruction on achieving balance through simple lifestyle changes and nutritional understanding. Website: Facebook: Whole Nourishment Twitter: @WholeNourishbc

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