Peter Russell

A revolutionary futurist, Peter Russell is a faculty member at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and a Fellow of The World Business Academy and The Findhorn Foundation. Peter Russell's work seeks to distil the essence of the world's spiritual traditions and present it in ways relevant to current times. While at Cambridge University in England, Russell studied mathematics and theoretical physics. However, he discovered his principal interest was in the deeper, spiritual significance of the times we are passing through. As he became increasingly fascinated by the mysteries of the human mind, Russell changed his studies to experimental psychology. After traveling to India to study meditation and pursue his interest in Eastern philosophy, Russell took up the first research post ever offered in Britain on the psychology of meditation. As one of the first people to introduce human potential seminars into the corporate field, Russell has been a keynote speaker at several international conferences, written several books, and has won multiple awards for his multi-image shows and videos.

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