Preston Pierce

Preston Pierce is an independent solo artist and Australian singer/songwriter/producer based out of Brisbane, Queensland. Under his own label—Homespun Records—Pierce has recorded and produced five independent albums: Soulistic Remedy (2003), Artificial Intelligence (2003, iTunes release), Earth Walker(2006, iTunes release), Dark Passenger (2012) and Heartstrings (iTunes release) Pierce also writes and sings with Lost Dilettantes (Pierce/Wernecke) and has written and performed with Brisbane rock-band The Splendid Johnsons (TSJ). Pierce is a self-taught musician with a natural talent that is immediately recognisable through an all-encompassing vocal range and soul-awakening lyrics. He started writing/recording songs in his late teens, forged from a love of writing introspective poetry. For Pierce, the song-writing process is born out of life experience, the highs and the lows, that dark and the light. The end result is insightful and honest lyrics, delivered through unique and heartfelt vocals. He describes music as "a form of natural therapy, a soul release, a coping mechanism for surviving the stresses and difficulties of modern life." In Pierce’s world, music is a universal meditation on identity and belonging, loss and love. Reverbnation: prestonpierce Soundcloud: preston-pierce Facebook: HomespunRecords

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