Rebecca Hulse

Rebecca Hulse is a Life Coach for empowerment, momentum and clarity. She is also a Laughter Yoga Instructor and Legacy of the Hulse Family. She is a woman on a mission to create a legacy of empowered women in memory of her father’s own mission – to create a legacy after his own death for 500 years. Rebecca is on an adventure continuing this legacy by touching at least 500 lives for a year or more. She wants these women to be so uplifted that they share unconditionally with their world their empowered state of being - which becomes contagious through inspiration, courage and deep soul laughter. She sees us all feeling present, loved and passionate and spreading these feelings into the world daily until it permeates the earth’s very being and radiates out in all directions. Life like this is a daily habit for us – there is no day off, rest or need for a vacation this is simply out delightful way of being. Rebecca helps these women become powerful sexy go getters after their dreams with life coaching, empowerment programs, laughter yoga and messages of love, fun and encouragement at She has 10 years education in the personal development realm and has fire walked with Kurek Ashley, Breaked Through with Dr Demartini and spoken at many events especially for inspiring teenagers. She is a multipassionate spirit who dances professionally, explores energy and optimal health through living food and green smoothies and learns everyday. She wants the best for and from you and always wants to connect with like minded spirits through Facebook and Twitter as well as one on one on her website. Website: Facebok: Twitter:

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