Renee Hughes

Renee Hughes is a nutrition communications specialist currently living in Mississauga, Ontario. She holds a Master of Health Science in Nutrition Communication from Ryerson University in Toronto. Her research interests include eating disorders, body image, and the role of mass communications in structuring body ideals amongst women from different ethnicities. She also holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Food and Nutrition from Ryerson University and a Bachelor of Arts in Crime and Deviance from the University of Toronto. Renee has a passion for writing about contemporary nutrition and food topics and has done website writing for Food Secure Canada and a well known Toronto based Dietitian. Renee’s desire to present complex nutrition information in a simplistic way prompted her to create the Food for Your Intelligence (FYI) initiative in which she writes engaging and thought-provoking nutrition articles for various audiences. In addition to writing, Renee has co-facilitated and co-developed healthy eating workshops in Toronto. She has also worked as an assistant to Leslie Beck, RD one of Canada’s foremost dietitians.  Renee is currently in the process of launching her own website. If you would like to contact her or to learn more about her services, please send an email to:

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