Sarah Callaham

Sarah Callaham found Pilates while searching for alternative options to rehab. When all traditional forms of rehab had failed her, a month after starting Pilates, Sarah finally started to find relief from her chronic pain. From then on she continued her personal practice of Pilates, until she decided to get certified as an instructor in order to share with her community the incredible benefits Pilates has to offer. She loves to see her students find the mind-body connection, and how that then translates to a growth in self-confidence. A northern California native, Sarah graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.A. in both International Studies and Comparative Religious Studies. She moved to Colorado in 2009 to complete her Pilates certification through the Pilates Institute of Boulder and lived and taught in the Boulder/Denver area for two years. Sarah recently moved to Maui and spends her free time enjoying all this amazing island has to offer. Website: Facebook: MIND BODY SOL Pilates with Sarah Callaham

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