Sarah Manwaring-Jones

Inspired by the life inside and the life outside of this body, Sarah’s exploration of yoga began with long canoe journeys across the Canadian shield as a child.  It was there that she learned first-hand the way that really truly listening and quiet breathing can allow us to truly integrate (or perhaps re-integrate) with this more-than-human world (and ultimately with our own selves). Soft yet strong movement practices, daily forest walks and consistently growing through the art of relationship have all deepened Sarah’s passion for life, living honestly and sharing with the world around her. Sarah’s practice explores meditation, pranayama and asana—independently and together.  Inspired by teachers who creatively explore what it feels like to live in a body and what it means to live truthfully and free in this world, Sarah has a deep respect for her friend and teacher Gioia Irwin and learns daily from the deep wisdom of the trees and the feather-like ferns of this west coast forest. Her background extends from a degree in Human Kinetics, international travels to explore the mountains and culture of India and Nepal, years of teaching on outdoor expeditions between Baffin Island and Brasil, a masters degree in education and a continual intrigue with bodily sensations and metaphors in movement.  Sarah resides in Squamish, BC where she offers regular classes and workshops at The Squamish Yoga Studio Co-op.  She integrates a deep love of nature and a simple life into the ancient practices of yoga through principles of tensegrity and honouring her own embodied experiences of life, love and loss.  To learn more visit: Facebook: Yoga Studio SquamishVimeo: Yoga Studio Squamish

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