Sherry Katz

Sherry Katz, LCSW is a well-established clinician, couples, and family therapist. For many years, Ms Katz practiced in family service agencies and in hospital medical departments offering relationship therapy for families and patients under stress due to medical need. In 2000, Ms Katz established her current solo practice in Ridgewood, NJ, giving patients flexibility in duration of their therapy session and individualized frequency intervals of sessions, based on specific considerations of the therapy matter. Ms. Katz’s approach to therapy is unfolding the fundamental reasons for “why” a problem is happening in the particular person, couple, or family’s life. By drawing your interest to knowing your Self, your reasons for what you expect of yourself and others, and how you’re going about expressing these, Ms Katz’s therapy sessions will guide you into richer clarity of your truth. Ms Katz received her BA from Hunter College, her MSW from Yeshiva University, and earned her advanced clinical training at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. Connect with Sherry at her website and on Google+ to read her posts.

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