Suzanne Maguire

Suzanne Maguire believes in living life passionately. Her mantra is happiness, patience, and remembering that today will never happen again. She practices appreciation as often as possible and tries to live everyday to its fullest. She is originally from the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand, but now lives in Ireland with her husband and their kitten, Snowy. Suzanne is happily awaiting the arrival of her first child. She loves the spiritual and physical changes occurring at this time and Suzanne is using yoga to enjoy a greater connection with her unborn baby. Her love and respect of yoga has become a way of life for Suzanne. She practiced yoga on-and-off in high school, but only until 2010 did it become a daily habit. She moved to London and, realizing what bleak weather she was in for, knew that she needed something to lift her spirits. Her answer was yoga. She now lives to practice yoga and is currently studying to be a yoga instructor. Suzanne believes that yoga is for life and studies it daily. She incorporates meditation into her daily life and is still working on the intricacies of this practice. She reads widely on anything yoga and implements what she learns. Suzanne likes to include different asana in her daily routine to reap the benefits of change, and she likes to ‘study’ how her pregnant body is influenced by different asana. She enjoys vinyasa yoga and has recently taken an interest in Ayurveda. She is fascinated by the influence of different foods on the mind and body. Suzanne loves nothing more than when the sun is shining and she can go for a walk in the outdoors, enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of her surroundings. She likes to keep things simple and carefree. She enjoys cooking and believes that you are what you eat. Suzanne has recently started her own blog, ‘Sooz’s Yogic Life’, and is the owner of a writing business, ‘Maguire’s Writing Mill’. She is paving the way for a life that happens because of her and not waiting for it to simply happen to her. Namaste Website: Website:

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