Tahlee Rouillon

My name is Tahlee Rouillon and I created The Attitude Revolution to inspire and invoke a revolution of love. I spent years hating on my body, including yo-yo dieting; punishing workouts; and eating disorders, so I know all too well the frustration and unhappiness body hate brings. Fortunately, I was blessed to receive the help of an incredible emotional healer and mentor. Now it is my mission see body haters around the world begin their path to health and happiness with the first step of self love. I help people get unstuck from body yuck creatively and effortlessly via my meditones music, and guide people back to their authentic selves with one-on-one Attitude Coaching. Plus if you march over to the website, you can grab your free copy of the Tactical Mood Transformer e-book, designed to help you achieve your health goals with ease and consistency. I am creative (I have a Bachelor of Music - best degree ever!) and spent eight years running a meditation music business. I hate sports, but believe movement should be enjoyable - like hula hooping and hip-hop. I hold a Certificate IV in Fitness and have worked as a super-fun-happy-time Personal Trainer in Brisbane, Australia. Website: www.attituderevolution.net/myyogaonline Facebook: Attitude Revolution Twitter: ituderevolution

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