Tiffany Haziza

Tiffany Haziza, is a North Vancouverite, married, mother of two young children, who transformed her passion into a profession when she followed her heart and created the successful jewelry design company Buddha & The Raven Studios. While her priority is nurturing her family, she deeply enjoys the creative process, whether it be designing jewelry for the Oscar giftbags each year, or whether it be writing. Tiffany is presently in the process of writing a novel, based on her unique life experiences. While enjoying great success within her career, she also finds meaningful fulfilment in volunteering for a Vancouver based bereavement camp for young families who have lost loved ones, as well as volunteering in the palliative care ward at the local hospital. Tiffany is inspired daily to live her most authentic life and strives to manifest light and love where ever she goes. Her greatest goal is to enjoy a balanced life, where mind, body and spirit, actively reflect her gratitude for life. Website: Blog: Twitter: @tiffanyhaziza

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