Todd Caldecott

I have been in practice as a clinical herbalist and ayurvedic practitioner for over a decade now, and have a broad array of clinical experiences, from Canada and the United States, to Trinidad and India. My interest in natural healing began early in my life, and has been deepened through my extensive travels throughout India and western Asia. I have had the great good fortune to have traveled to many interesting places and have met many enlightening people. My studies have been diverse, including classical Indian (carnatic) music in Tamil Nadu and Buddhist meditation in Sri Lanka and Bodhygaya, India. In my search for spiritual and physical health, I have visited the famed 'healthy' Hunza peoples in the remote vilages of the Karakorams in Northern Pakistan, and have had the great honour to spend time with a famed Sufi master in Shiraz, Iran. Currently, I live in Vancouver with my wife of 12 years, and my three wonderful children. If you would like to know more please check out my curriculum vitae.

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