Trish Bianco

Trish began teaching yoga 14 years ago at the age of 20 under strong guidance from Shanti Gowans, world renowned teacher, author, and founder of Shanti Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda; while on a study abroad program in Australia (which became a seven year adventure).  After teaching in Australia for many years she moved to LA to teach for Exhale Spa (Core Fusion, Yoga) and HOT8 Yoga Santa Monica (yoga, barre, and Pilates). She is the owner and founder of infusion yoga barre Studio in Maui, where she has developed a comprehensive yoga flow by infusing her versatile movement background incorporating breath, movement, core and deep full body work, to challenge the most advanced yogi, and also be completely available to the most novice student. Trish is an advocate for total body wellness as a form of self-love, if you are not living the life you love - change it! When she is not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find her at her favorite beach on the North Shore of Maui, getting lost in the bamboo jungle, or traveling the globe exploring exotic new places, food and cultures! Website: and Facebook: Trish Bianco Yoga

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