Ulyana Michailov ND

Ulyana Michailov is a naturopath and acupuncturist from Adelaide, Australia. She also holdsqualifications in herbal medicine, nutrition, and traditional Chinese medicine. Growing up Ulyana would consistently seek out the wilderness; she still describes herself asa “hippie at heart”. Her life experience and many unanswered questions directed her to studyingtraditional medicine, yoga, taking up a passion for plant-based cuisine and writing, readingextensively and whole food cooking. Ulyana started her own natural therapies clinic and began writing both professionally and on her blog. Inspired by the health improvement from her clientele and positive response to her writingshe has committed to yoga teacher training. She is passionate about raw food and vegetarian nutrition, mind- body exercise, skin health,women’s health, detoxification, organic gardening and permaculture, spirituality and art in all itsforms. Her dream is to continue learning, evolving and sharing inspiration and resources aboutthis way of life. Ulyana’s approach is informative and holistic; she believes we are ever evolving creations thatevery little step in the right direction will eventually lead us to our dreams.

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