Yirser Ra Hotep

Yirser Ra Hotep is a Master Instructor of Yoga who pioneered the development of the system he calls Kemetic Yoga or Ancient Egyptian Yoga. Yirser has conducted original research into the origins of Yoga in ancient Egypt and it's presence in other parts of Africa and the African diaspora. He has discovered that even though the word 'Yoga" may be from Indian Sanskrit that practices like meditation, breathing, movements, postures and other forms of transcendence are universal and cross over into many cultures around the world. Yirser is the founder and owner of the YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga and has practiced and taught for over 42 years. His school has trained and certified over 1000 instructors in Kemetic Yoga around the world. He is the author a set of instructional Yoga DVDs and Meditation CD and has written extensively on various topics related to Yoga, Meditation and Holistic Health. Yirser holds a Masters degree in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago and teaches courses in the Science of Yoga, Stress Management, Ancient Wisdom vs. Modern Science and more, at the DePaul University School for New Learning in Chicago. Yirser has been featured in magazines such as Yoga Journal, Ebony Magazine, Black Enterprise and has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Yirser is the creator and sponsor of Soul Yoga Fest which an annual free Yoga festival that has been held in Chicago, Kingston Jamaica and Johannesburg South Africa to allow communities who normally do not have access to Yoga to experience it. Yirser can be reached through his website [www.yogaskills.com](www.yogaskills.com) or at .

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